MAS S61: assignment #3

For assignment #3, I prepared a slideshow to profile Reuters environment correspondent and 2011-2012 Knight Fellow at MIT Alister Doyle’s 30-year journalism career in his own words. Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out how to embed a slideshow in WordPress, so you’ll have to go over to Flickr to view the slideshow. Sorry.

2 thoughts on “MAS S61: assignment #3

  1. The slideshow was awesome, and a very original way to present a profile. I got a great sense of Alister’s life as a journalist, and the behind the scenes anecdotes gave it a lot of color.

  2. Very impressive piece of work. I like the idea of letter Alister’s stories speak for him, and I love the visual aspect of the piece. I wonder whether you might have been stronger breaking the narrative into two pieces – one about the Nobel winners, and one about the life in reporting. But I think the idea of telling Alister’s story through the stories is very powerful, and this ended up being a very insightful profile.

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