My online media habits

I put together a little summary here of the week of February 4-11 and, globally, my last two-ish years of online media consumption. I’ve focused on the digital because that’s almost exclusively how I get my media. I do subscribe to several print magazines–WIRED, Popular Science, and MAGIC Magazine, for instance–but over the course of a given month, most to all of my media consumption is via the Internet.

My record-keeping is also somewhat incomplete: While I track my laptop Internet use extensively, my smartphone use is also considerable. It’s my primary means of checking and responding to email, as well as my main news source (via¬†Flipboard).

MAS 700 Media Consumption-01

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  1. Michael, I liked your approach of historical extraction of data to minimize measurement bias. How did you collate this information? Would have loved some insights on this.

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