Interview Assignment: details

Interview list:

[ Michael Greshko  will interview Léa Steinacker ]
[ Léa Steinacker  will interview David Jimenez ]
[ David Jimenez  will interview Vladimir Radomirovic ]
[ Vladimir Radomirovic  will interview Stewart, Alicia ]
[ Stewart, Alicia  will interview Sophie Chou ]
[ Sophie Chou  will interview Celeste LeCompte ]
[ Celeste LeCompte  will interview Laurie Penny ]
[ Laurie Penny  will interview Savannah Niles ]
[ Savannah Niles  will interview Liam Andrew ]
[ Liam Andrew  will interview Bianca Datta ]
[ Bianca Datta  will interview Melissa Clark ]
[ Melissa Clark  will interview Wahyu Dhyatmika ]
[ Wahyu Dhyatmika  will interview Kathleen McLaughlin ]
[ Kathleen McLaughlin  will interview Giovana Girardi ]
[ Giovana Girardi  will interview Amy Zhang ]
[ Amy Zhang  will interview Austin Hess ]
[ Austin Hess  will interview Miguel Paz ]
[ Miguel Paz  will interview Ellery Biddle ]
[ Ellery Biddle  will interview Thariq Shihipar ]
[ Thariq Shihipar  will interview Irina Gordienko ]
[ Irina Gordienko  will interview Vivian Diep ]
[ Vivian Diep  will interview Kitty Eisele ]
[ Kitty Eisele  will interview Gideon Gil ]
[ Gideon Gil  will interview Jieqi Luo ]
[ Jieqi Luo  will interview Melissa Bailey ]
[ Melissa Bailey  will interview Elaine Diaz ]
[ Elaine Diaz  will interview Pau Kung ]
[ Pau Kung  will interview Anna Nowogrodzki ]
[ Anna Nowogrodzki  will interview Phillip D Gara ]
[ Phillip D Gara  will interview Charles Kaioun ]
[ Charles Kaioun  will interview Michael Greshko ]

Assignment, due March 4: Classmate Profile / Personal Data
You will be randomly assigned another student in the class and someone else will be assigned to you. Your job is to thoroughly research your subject online and discover as much information as possible about them on the Internet to create a detailed profile. Then you may choose to use a 30-minute interview with your subject as fact-checking. Your research and interview will be the basis for a profile of the subject.
Please let us know if you will be participating in the assignment by tomorrow morning! We will send the matches by the end of the day tomorrow.
Prior year examples:
Reading for March 4: