Egg: a place for science stories to nest


Frustrated with the perception of certain sciences as “cold” and the programmer-storyteller divide, I wanted to create a space with tools and stories that gently remind us there is in fact no such divide aside from the ones in our beliefs.

Here’s a prototype, without uploading capability.

2 thoughts on “Egg: a place for science stories to nest

  1. Sophie, I love the hand-drawn feel, and the idea that eggs are simple, approachable and highly accessible. I think your Markov Chain story does an excellent job of showing us how simple and informative this form of storytelling can be. I’m interested in your decision to link to the BBC and NYTimes – is the vision that eggs are simply short, sweet science stories with strong visuals? Or are they all going to be stories like the Markov story? I also think we’d benefit from some thinking about how users who don’t have your graphical skills can build this sort of story – is there a stick figure construction kit, perhaps, ala XKCD? Or is the hope to push people to publish sketches, even if they’re quite primitive? I need a clearer sense of what decisions are products of this being a prototype and which are conscious design decisions. I do like the core concept and hope you’ll follow up on it.

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