Against Gentrification Paint-In: An experiment in video storytelling

[1:15-5:15 p.m.]

Wendi and I chose to report on the Against Gentrification Paint-In on Saturday, hosted by the Chinese Progressive Association. We decided to go outside our comfort zone and report using video. The result:

3 thoughts on “Against Gentrification Paint-In: An experiment in video storytelling

  1. I loved this story. So interesting to see this community activism documented. I had never heard of a community paint-in before and loved having access to that process and experience through the video. Out of curiosity did your team contact the organizers before arriving? How did they feel about the story being covered? Do you think the organizations will use the video on their sites?

    • Hi Christina! Thanks so much for the kind words — we did contact the organizers before showing up to make sure it was okay. They were actually very supportive and ended up posting the video on their Facebook event page (, which was great! We were lucky that they were very into the idea of us documenting the event.

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