Assignment 1: Connie’s Media Diary

I decided to track my media intake by logging the number of articles or videos I view throughout the day. Breaking up my intake into four major categories, I kept a tally for each day and translated it to the graph above. I wanted to track the volume of my intake as well as the changing proportions of where my media came from.

The overall shape marks how many articles I finished while each vertical line is a day that had a varying breakdown of where I found my media. For example, February 7th was a busy day with not much reading — it roughly broke down to 3 flipboard articles, 1 paper article, 1.5 email articles and 1.5 facebook articles.

I am not incredibly surprised at this breakdown considering I have been building up a Flipboard addiction. However, I know this graph would’ve looked very different a handful of weeks ago — I am slowly weaning myself off of Reddit, which used to be my major source for all things cats or design.

2 thoughts on “Assignment 1: Connie’s Media Diary

  1. Hi Connie, I love this visualization of your media diet. I’m curious about which tools you used to make this visual? Thanks for sharing such a nice design with us. See you in class! 😉

  2. Thanks Luisa! I used Photoshop to put this together — not the fastest or most precise way but I like having the visual control over it. 🙂

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