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Ink (Video in Youtube)

Hi. As you know…. “A radio anchor (Paula Molina) and two journalists (Ludovic Blecher and Borja Echevarría) that some years ago decided to move from the print world to the online spend a night with Bobby, the president of The Harvard Crimson, and with Brian and George, the two employees that run the only printing press that belongs to a newspaper’s college in the US. The Harvard Crimson is the oldest newspaper in US colleges, founded in 1873. The three of them know this world is getting to an end, but they still love their job..”

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  1. This piece has such an intimate feel. I love the images, especially that of the hand with ink stains. It feels more like a visual ethnography rather than a news report, which is something I really like about it. And it’s neat how the visuals tell so much of the story that you didn’t need a whole lot of dialog, just a few personal anecdotes were able to convey a great deal. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks Luis Beck for your comments, and I think you’re totally right: visuals can tell so much of a story. That’s why, as a Radio journalist, I’ve been thinking about new paths for Radio in the new media environment. Besides music, I don’t know if there will be room for only audio experiences in the near future…

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