Simona Halep match preview

Simona Halep - Thinglink

Click the image to go to ThingLink and see what’s behind the bullets.

For this assignment I tried to use a different form of curation than the in-the-moment stream of Storify or Rebel Mouse, which are more popular (Carvin is on Rebel Mouse, for example). I was specifically looking for something more contained and less cluttered that wouldn’t give the impression of drowning in information.

As subject I chose to preview the fourth round match between Simona Halep, Romania’s top player and #7 worldwide, and Eugenie Bouchard, scheduled for Tuesday, March 11, 2014, at 2pm EST.

I used ThingLink, which allows the use of a photo upon which one can overlay other information (YouTube videos, photographs, links to other information). It’s not perfect (I couldn’t embed it on the blog), and it does take you outside of the piece on almost every click, but I liked the idea of containing all relevant information in an interactive image. (The concept I guess is not unlike a static infographic).

I imagine this type of curation could work great as a preview or summary, and could then be supplemented by real-time work.

1 thought on “Simona Halep match preview

  1. Very creative approach to this project, and thank you for showing off some new tools that we can play with for assignments and future journalism. In the same way that you mention the links in the ThingLink interrupt the flow of consuming the piece in its entirety, you also see that when you drop in a lot of social media links into a piece, disrupting the narrative—especially when they aren’t straight quotes but serve as integral parts themselves as many Storify pieces are constructed.

    What’s unclear though is the narrative you are offering. Does this stand on its own or is it a companion piece? I guess this is the “preview” as you put it. Certainly I’m seeing a lot here and the visual nature of the composition draws me in—you picked a strong image. Is this image from her practicing for the tournament you are previewing. Is that the hook?

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