Timeline for the firing of Aristegui

For this assignment I worked on the article of the New York Times about the Carmen Aristegui dismissal “In Mexico, Firing of Carmen Aristegui Highlights Rising Pressures on News Media”

The way I did it was creating a timeline of the latest events in Mexico that could be involved in the story. One of the main believes is that it was the result of some of the investigative journalism that se has been doing as well as her criticism to the Federal Administration, but there isn’t any evidence about that.

Here’s the time line and the link to it:

Screenshot 2015-03-31 18.02.47

1 thought on “Timeline for the firing of Aristegui

  1. Luis,
    This is wonderful. I didnĀ“t know the tool. The story is quite compelling. I found particularly interested the background.

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