Readers, Take Action (By Melissa Clark & Gideon Gil)

Buy Local Save Global is the companion piece that Gideon Gil and Melissa Clark created in the hopes of offering readers potential actions to take after being subjected to a specific piece of information media.

In this case, the previous information comes in the form of a video that reports on the recent water shortages in California, conveying the struggle amongst farmers and residents in the state.  Our research and display of information was designed to be as unbiased and as educative as possible.  To accomplish this, we decided to implement a poll (to engage the reader) and then to supply them with easily accessible information (in case they wanted to do something about what they just saw and read).  We strongly believe that the combination of the poll, followed by immediate action steps, will help alleviate readers’ feelings of helplessness concerning a seemingly distant problem.

Below is the link to your site, enjoy!

Buy Local Save Global