Anne’s Bio

[I’m Anne, spelled A-N-N-E but pronounced “Annie.”]

I’m a first-year MBA at MIT Sloan, and I’m interested in the intersection of tech and media, especially from the angle of understanding how consumers interact with and are affected by products or information. Before Sloan, I worked in the Boston office of Analysis Group as an economic consultant, where my favorite cases involved running survey experiments and analyzing market data to understand consumer behavior for a variety of clients.

I studied Math and Political Science at MIT as an undergraduate, while serving as a reporter, news editor, and finally Editor in Chief of the campus newspaper, The Tech. Newspapers have been a huge part of my life since the fourth grade, when I started a school newsletter with a handful of friends, inspired by the surprise removal of our playground’s bamboo grove. I’ve worked on school newspapers ever since, plus a short stint as a writer for the local newspaper of Charleston, SC.

Going forward, I want to learn from working with all of you and come up with solutions to the challenges facing the news media industry (or at the very least, through our discussions, I want to train myself to think critically about all the media I consume and maybe produce).

In my spare time, I play violin in a quintet through MIT’s Chamber Music Society, revisit 30 Rock and Parks and Rec, crochet tiny animals,cook, and drink tea while contemplating how to bring more “artsiness” into my life.