Hello everybody,

I am Eva, and I am currently a Master of Public Administration student at the Harvard Kennedy School.

I am French, and grew up in Paris.

I have always been passionate about advocacy, public policies and international relations. I have worked for both the French government and International Institutions. When I was 25, I move to Washington DC, and lived there 5 years before coming to Cambridge. I worked first for the French Embassy, and then for the World Bank. At the World Bank, I worked on education and social protection issues, and traveled to many countries in Africa to support World Bank policies and programs.

I am an avid media consumer, and I have always admired news reporters, and journalists. I have always tried to be inspired by their ability to connect with people and shape public opinion in my work. A while back, I participated in the creation of a European daily newspaper.

I love writing, playing the piano, making sculpture, reading novels, re-reading favorite books, traveling, listening to others’ stories, meet strangers and learn to know them, wandering around with a camera, drinking expressos and green tea, going to exhibitions, giving advice on great places to go to in Paris.

My hope for this class is to know more about media today, the different tools that can be used, and thinking about ways to build bridges between classic media and social media. I am very excited to be part of such a diverse group and learn from all of you!