Sruthi’s Bio

Hi, my name is Sruthi. I am a 2nd year MBA student at MIT Sloan and an engineer at heart. I have always been interested in understanding how technology can make a social impact. To be precise I am interested in how technology combined with business strategy could be used to make a social impact.

Prior to joining Sloan, I studied computer engineering and worked in fin-tech. Last summer, I interned as a data science intern at Microsoft, where I used data to influence internal strategy decisions. Combining my interest in both technology and strategy, I am going to be a future management consultant in the digital space.

I have always been fascinated with how news and media brings people on to a common platform to share their voices and identity. Given my interest in the social sector, I am taking this class to understand how the power of media can mobilize people behind a cause. My personal goals for the class are to:

  • Enter my stretch zone by utilizing more of the right side of my brain
  • Become more of an active contributor using media
  • Work with an interdisciplinary group of people (I was very impressed with the cultural and intellectual diversity in the class)
  • Understand how to use media / understand the power of media to engage global citizens

Apart from my “slightly obvious” skills in programming (Matlab, R etc), I like to travel and try/cook multi-cultural cuisines. I am coffee and chocolate snob and occasionally addicted to Instagram.

You can find me on: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram