The small happy challenge in a cold Feb Day


Even In The Morning Mist The House is needed

Is it stormy outside?  You can’t find your way in the snowdrifts and the north wind makes you felling freezed stiff?  The key sticks in your cars lock and you are lazy to cook even for your dearest one? Than you are welcomed here: small, cozy, charming place, straight on the Mass Ave.

The Pho House  –  a delightful mix of Thai and Vietnamese Kitchen –  is a small business running by a local family. The menu may looks like common, but the Pho House is above average, to be sure. The secret is the way of cooking. It is a special one. Recipes were preserved carefully in the the family generation by generation. Thats why the taste of the dishes are so exquisite and simple products create the taste you’ve never thought it would be.


Tai Pho



The hot fifteen-hour beef-bone broth and butter like pats of beef-jowl (spice or not – its totally your choice) is almost laughably rich as the fresh flesh of soy beans served along side. It will melted your frozen blood and makes you happily staring people outside through the wall-large windows of the place.




The warm and tender Crispy Rolls with chicken, vegetables and special sauce will get you the sense of relaxation and  the world will blossom around you. New feelings, new emotions. Suddenly you’d noitice a charming jazz surrounding you.





They say, that there is no such notion like an American Cuisine. Im not agree. Places like these with its peculiar and unrepeatable way of cooking are made the American Cuisine, one of the most outstanding mixtures in the world.

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  1. I enjoyed this, Irina – you did a nice job of setting the scene. I’m intrigued by the hint of biography, mentioning the local family – it would be great to follow up on that lead and see if you could include more backstory about the family and how the restaurant ended up here.

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