Exhibition: Drawing apart

Since I was not confident about writing a lengthy article in a language that is not my native one, I decided to explore the format and presentation.

I am not at all a professional photographer, as you will notice, but as I visited the very small exhibition I wondered how I could make the format of the report express a bit of the experience of being there. So I chose to take close-up, non revealing pictures of the works exhibited, and to fragment those pictures as the artist chose to fragment her scale models. If you click on a block, it rebuilds the correspondent image.


I cheated slightly, to be honest. My camera battery died right after I went to the exhibition, so I had to buy a charger before I could finish the assignment.

Click here to see the result

5 thoughts on “Exhibition: Drawing apart

  1. Carol, this is a beautiful effect. It really makes me want to explore all of the photos as I feel like I’m trying to find hidden secrets!

  2. I like it a lot. It’s beautifully done. I would love it to be interactive. It could allow you to click in every piece to see a bigger picture with some info. The format looks very harmonious and the colors are so well disposed.

  3. Very impressive piece of design – it took me a moment to realize that this was your work and not the artist’s website. Like Alexis, I wanted some way to see the full set of photos, but I enjoyed the sense of discovery. What tools did you use to present this way?

    • Oh, and I basically used Photoshop, html and jQuery. While planning, I used paper to draw a grid map and think of the way I wanted to present this.

  4. Yes, that was the idea at first: clicking on a picture would rebuild the image and bring some more information. I had to make it simple because of the time constraint. I think it would work well within the time frame if I had one or two partners: a journalist and a photographer.

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