“How to Talk to Strangers” : A French Figures Out

The very American concept of “networking” makes my French soul cry. So Monday afternoon, I decided to attend a workshop at MIT (“How to talk to strangers”), in order to understand it all better — and who knows, maybe start liking it.

In terms of format, I tried something I never did : a first person audio piece. It cost me not to take any pictures, but I did it. The whole thing took me a little more than 4 hours.


7 thoughts on ““How to Talk to Strangers” : A French Figures Out

  1. Really strong piece. You’re a terrific narrator, and you’ve got a very good sense for layering sounds – this can’t be your first audio piece, right? Great example for us of using actualities – would be interesting to hear about how you mixed this.

    • Thanks Ethan! I did record and mix audio before for journalistic purposes, but it was never for audio-only pieces, and especially, I never recorded myself. (I used Audacity to edit the sound.)

  2. This is great! The piece really succeeds at making the listener feel like they’re both in the room at this awkward event, but also inside your head. Simple, skillful, great listen.

    • Thank you Ellery!
      By the way : I loved the angle of your dentist story. A both fun and interesting idea!

  3. Adore this. The sound is amazing, so is your voice, and the very well-spoken narration. Sooo natural. I would want to hear this on my show. Seriously.

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