5 thoughts on “luojieqi’s new year morning

  1. Jieqi, this is beautiful – the dumplings look delicious. I’d love to hear the story behind your quote “Woman is not as important as I imagine!”

  2. thank you Alexis, I am still trying to insert the file again and again. I do not know why it can not play the music?
    I am used to cooking and I did not believe a man can make a festival breakfast for our family. But He did it. I am not so necessary at the kitchen.

  3. Yes, they look great! I like the personal narrative aspect of this, combined with what seem like larger life lessons.

  4. The images are lovely. I couldn’t hear the commentary and suspect it’s a stronger piece with the audio accompaniment.

  5. Thank you for the feedback ,Ethan and Alexis. I did try to combine my favorite music from The legend of the fall,but I failed.
    This is the first power point made by myself without any help from friend.It is an easy kid game for most of you,but I thought it was hard. To finish the assignment, I tried to overcome the fear in my mind. I succeed although my works looks so simple.
    I tried very hard to make a movie by Adobe premier and I-movie within half a day. But I failed.
    In the last minutes before the midnight, I changed my mind to make a powerpoint.
    So far I can not improved my skills much but the most important I learn from this assignment is that I can learn something by googleing for tips, specially in the midnight,when I can not ask anybody for help.

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