Luojieqi’s media record

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I am sorry , I could not use a right tool to make a smart graphic of my media consumption record .
But I made a written diary ,and I found that my media consumption focus on 3 things:
1 The first one is using WECHAT (Chinese social media) to watch what is happening in china and what are shared within my to the first behavior , My psychology is afraid of missing something important or a kind of habit. as to the second one, my psychology is to keep in touch with my friend. I read t he articles they shared and I found , most of them are not valuable. and most of my friends repeat sharing the same articles. they are killing my time ,the first half an hour after getting up ,and the last half an hour before I go to bed.
i have been very regret that i spend almost one hour a day on social media (we chat). I want to get red of the habit.
2 use google search or Nieman facebook for my work. that is very practical and valuable ,and i do not think I have wasted my time.
3 I found I rely on the social media ,which I am used to . Facebook ore tweet is not my daily social media consumption.I even do not be used to reading news in English.

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