NBA Coaching Great Phil Jackson’s Triumphant Return to New York by Tammy Drummond


I used TImeline JS to chart Phil Jackson’s career as one of the most legendary coaches in the history of the NBA.

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This is an explainer for a Yahoo News story about the press conference Tuesday where Knicks officials introduced Phil Jackson as the organization’s new president.


Rough Seas at SeaWorld by Tammy Drummond

They call it the “Blackfish effect.” Things just keep getting worse for SeaWorld ever since the controversial documentary released in 2013 that accused the popular marine entertainment park of abusing the Orca whales in its care and showing reckless disregard for the safety of its whale trainers. Blackfish highlighted the killing of trainer Dawn Brancheau, 40, who was mauled by a 6-ton Orca named Tilikum during a performance at SeaWorld Orlando. A whale that had killed at least twice before.


The documentary has unleashed widespread protests outside SeaWorld’s entertainment parks and online over the welfare of the whales.

suck my balls


Howard Stern is one of a number of celebrities who have jumped on the anti-SeaWorld bandwagon.

howard stern twitter

Now, a California state legislator name Richard Bloom wants to put SeaWorld in San Diego out of the whale business entirely.

bill 1


If Bloom’s bill were to pass, SeaWorld would lose its most lucrative attraction.

That prospect has been wildly applauded by animal rights activists on blogs:

peta blog

And on Twitter:

more twitter feed


SeaWorld has aggressively fought back, denouncing the Blackfish documentary and its allegations of animal maltreatment as lies. The company is appealing a $75,000 federal fine levied in the Dawn Brancheau case. It is also fighting the court’s ruling that trainers can no longer swim with the whales and must only work with them through a protective barrier.

huffpost barrier

SeaWorld is arguing that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration which conducted the investigation has overstepped its bounds. The theme park’s lead attorney is Eugene Scalia, son of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

seaworld complaint1seaworld complaint2

SeaWorld is also going after OSHA investigator Lara Padgett. The company accuses her of being biased against SeaWorld and of collaborating with the documentary producers.

seaworld leak


A reported photograph of Padgett posing with the Blackfish cast on

micheat photos laura padgett

For comparison purposes, a photograph of Padgett on her Facebook page:

lara padgett facebook page

OSHA has confirmed to the Orlando Sentinel that the agency is investigating Padgett’s conduct.

orlando sentinel investigation

Not to be outdone in the court of public opinion, SeaWorld has mounted an aggressive attack online and in the media.

seaworld offensive twitter1

The company has employed some of its trainers who were interviewed in Blackfish to refute claims of animal maltreatment that were made in the documentary.


In a move that has enraged animal rights activists, SeaWorld hired Steve Irwin’s daughter Bindi as an ambassador. Irwin the world famous Australian wildlife expert died in 2006 after a stingray stabbed him repeatedly in the chest.


steve irwin daughter

Dawn Brancheau seems all but forgotten in all the brouhaha over the whales. The video of her mauling was never made public at her family’s and SeaWorld’s request. Here is a summary that was released in court by the Orange County Sheriff’s department.

orange county sheriff's departmentn report

Brancheau’s family members it appears, are not among the Blackfish film supporters. They went about as far as they could to distance themselves from the documentary with this post on the Dawn Brancheau Foundation website.


Stay tuned as the SeaWorld saga continues.

Tammy’s four-hour challenge

Tracking gun killings in the United States: an audio and visual essay
Funeral for Jan Marcos, 9, Mattapan boy who was shot and killed, police allege by his brother (Courtesy of the Boston Globe)

Funeral for JanMarcos Pena, 9, Mattapan boy who was shot and killed, police allege by his brother (Courtesy of the Boston Globe)

slate gun tracker gunviolence archive

For this assignment I wanted to use audio, a medium that I am trying to learn. I had heard about the recent local story of the 9-year-old boy who had been shot and killed by his brother. I was looking to tie that into the larger national story about gun violence which is a subject that I have written a lot about and am researching for my Nieman project.

I wanted to provide information about how journalists and others have been trying to do the difficult work of gathering basic data about shootings. I had been following the Slate project.

Got the assignment completed on deadline but had some issues with loading soundcloud track onto wordpress.




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