Creativity and collaboration –aspects of future quality work

Even though the speed of processing information is extremely relevant in today’s sea of news, I believe that tools which help us be more creative and collaborative play an extremely important role for criticality and depth of what we perceive. In particular, working in interdisciplinary teams and viewing a topic from multiple perspectives seem like a crucial quality for any future work and meaningful storytelling.

For this reason I found the app GroupMap very interesting for managing creative and productive group flow. The tool helps us improve group brainstorming and creative processes but it also enables easier team decision making.

To facilitate a discussion, one can create its own map or choose from a list of templates and customize them to group’s needs. I found particularly useful templates for Charts where a group of people can visualize everyone’s opinions and thus ease decision making. For instance, there is an Important vs Urgent map and Effort vs Impact chart where, through dot voting, a group can set priorities and organize their time accordingly. In a way, this tool can help us quickly work together and visualize subjective opinions which can have powerful implications for group’s quality of work and outcomes.