Unemployment in Serbia

Article note

After doing the article we realized that the topic might not be the best example for this exercise since bringing up solutions for unemployment is not very controversial. However, it is a topic that (unfortunately) is needed to be discussed in Serbia and that requires them to take actions individually.

The overall proposal for “solution journalism” is that in the future there would be a parallel set of articles linked to traditional issue reporting articles. Thus, there would be journalists that focus on bringing together different possible options (or the awareness of the lack there off) and experts debates on pros and cons of the solutions and their possible long term outcomes.
Maddie, Sruthi, Dijana


Unemployment in Serbia action Unemployment in Serbia

Unemployment in Serbia action

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Female drivers, safe roads

Stereotypes about women’s tasks and (lack of certain) skills are very dominant in Serbia. These prejudices and sexist believes are often supported by women themselves, as if they gain power by agreeing with common views and men’s perspectives. My goal is to write a short and simple way of arguing the opposite and perhaps offering an alternative narrative that hopefully could be accepted without seeming “threatening” to the existing manhood mentality. In specific I focused on debunking the myth that women are inherently bad drivers.DijanaM Truth and Truthiness

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Creativity and collaboration –aspects of future quality work

Even though the speed of processing information is extremely relevant in today’s sea of news, I believe that tools which help us be more creative and collaborative play an extremely important role for criticality and depth of what we perceive. In particular, working in interdisciplinary teams and viewing a topic from multiple perspectives seem like a crucial quality for any future work and meaningful storytelling.

For this reason I found the app GroupMap very interesting for managing creative and productive group flow. The tool helps us improve group brainstorming and creative processes but it also enables easier team decision making.

To facilitate a discussion, one can create its own map or choose from a list of templates and customize them to group’s needs. I found particularly useful templates for Charts where a group of people can visualize everyone’s opinions and thus ease decision making. For instance, there is an Important vs Urgent map and Effort vs Impact chart where, through dot voting, a group can set priorities and organize their time accordingly. In a way, this tool can help us quickly work together and visualize subjective opinions which can have powerful implications for group’s quality of work and outcomes.

Dijana’s Bio

Hi all! I am Dijana Milenov and I am a graduate student of architecture at MIT.

I lived in Serbia until I was seventeen when I moved to an international boarding school in Italy. After that I finished an architecture and design degree at the University of Florida and this is my second year of graduate studies at MIT.

As a designer I am interested in the ways art can reveal knowledge and trigger possible new realities. In the times of abundance of data I believe that it is important to promote problem-solving skills in designing for knowledge. My architectural explorations question the function of beauty in our daily lives and in our relation to the environment. I have spent the last year away from MIT travelling in Serbia, Israel, and France working with architects with similar agendas.

My hope for this class is to improve my writing skills and to become freer and more creative using this media. I am very excited to work in a diverse group and learn from everyone!

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